My name is Golam Kabir. Instagram marketing expert.

Hire your best Instagram marketing expert who will engage, market and amplify your Instagram Followers

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I have been more than 5 years in Instagram marketing industries, and have help more than 100+ individuals and companies to grow their business.

About Me

I’m Golam Kabir and my specialty is helping you build your brand on Instagram starting from ZERO… so that you can generate leads, make sales and become an influencer in your industry.

Need Real Targeted niche base Instagram followers? Right Place, in Right time, I must say. You will get the best organic Instagram growth service. I have been using the Only the Instagram app to keep your Instagram account safe and secure.

Let me manage your Instagram account to the next level.

5 +
Years of Experience
Awards & Honors

My Experience

I’ve been working in social media since 2014. It’s basically how I’ve earned a full-time living in all my adult years.

I’m an Instagram Marketing Expert specializes in managing and growing Instagram accounts for clients.

I’m a Twitter Marketing Expert specializes in managing and growing Twitter accounts for clients.

I’m a Pinterest Marketing Expert specializes in managing and growing Pinterest accounts for clients.

I’m a Tiktok Marketing Expert specializes in managing and growing Tiktok accounts for clients.


Instagram Marketing

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Twitter Marketing

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Pinterest Marketing

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Tiktok Marketing

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What I Do To Amplify Your Instagram Influence


I shall obey your rules and find the right account which goes with your target market and follow them.


I shall only remove those that are not a good fit or irrelevant for your account.


I provide a fair amount of time to increase brand visibility only for engaging with your target audience.


I shall find relevance and comment on it that will help increase your engagement.


The comments will be answered considering what the comment says and what kind of post.


If you want, I shall also post your pictures and find out the #tag for the photo's relevance.

Why Do You Choose Me

Targeted Approach

I engage with the harmony of your band. I am here to fulfill your targets by using the targeted hashtags that go with your account. Again I follow this tactic when focusing on others accounts. If you want, I can also use location to meet your target.

​Grab Attention

After identifying your goals, I will start my main work. I shall begin to fulfill your target by using those hashtags to like photos, comment and follow.

Profile or Brand Exposure

The fun begins when I start working to find your target audience. Because of following all these methods you will see a lot of traffic in your account with a lot of followers.

Grow Your Reach and Influence

I shall not stop just by increasing your traffic and followers. In addition to this, I shall take care of your Reach and Influence. I shall always try to increase your Reach and Influence.

100% Organic

No fake accounts, bots or spam. I grow your Instagram the organic way – by delivering highly targeted, real followers that will follow you and engage with your content.

Real Results

I only engage with real accounts based on your targeted audience.



Ecommerce · Restaurants · Retailers · Luxury · Jewelry · Fashion · Fitness · Design · Decor


Social Media Influencers · Travel Bloggers · Fashion Bloggers · Lifestyle Bloggers · Digital Nomads · Celebrities


Photographers · Artists · Fitness Coaches · Designers · Models · Musicians

Choose your Flexible Instagram growth package

My service is always better because I help to organically grow your following and engagement because of using White-hat marketing techniques.


Instagram growth v1
$ 80 10 Days
  • Avg. 270+ Organic Followers
  • 10 Days Delivery
  • High Priority Support
  • One Time Payment
  • No Additional Charges


Instagram growth v2
$ 150 20 Days
  • Avg. 550+ Organic Followers
  • 20 Days Delivery
  • High Priority Support
  • One Time Payment
  • No Additional Charges


Instagram growth MadMAX Pack
$ 220 30 Days
  • Avg. 850+ Organic Followers
  • 30 Days Delivery
  • High Priority Support
  • One Time Payment
  • No Additional Charges

Frequently Asked Questions

I have multiple devices so that I can login each client’s account separately to work. It’s the safe way because of the unique device of your account. Again I have my own account managers who work under me. We always avoid using proxies and VPN because it is harmful for your account.

Yes! Because there are some rules like Comment, Like & Follow and they are the main term of growing followers organically. If you do not give me your login information then how i can do this.

Definitely you can! I handled 100+ accounts of my clients safely. Again I have no bad reputation of using black hat methods and I never use any wrong methods or use any bots. So you can fully trust me.

Exactly it varies a lot from one to another accounts. Because it depends on the content of the account and it plays a huge part. In reality I achieve 1000-3000 followers per month for my clients and they are happy.

Instagram requires constant activity. You neither have the time or resources to constantly be engaged. Therefore, I handle all the time-consuming and mundane tasks. I will “like” and “comment” on photos to encourage your target audience to follow your account. In addition, I will follow some accounts and, if necessary, unfollow them over time. Of the thousands of targeted accounts and posts we interact with, a small percentage will become your followers.

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